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Career as a Web Initiator

Career as a Web Initiator

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“You can design for all of the people some of the time. You can design for some of the people all of the time. But you can’t design for all of the people all of the time.”
-William Hudson with apologies to Abraham Lincoln

Web design is a form of electronic publishing.

Web designing is the art and process of creating a single Web page or entire Web sites and may involve both the aesthetics and the mechanics of a Web site’s operation although primarily it focuses on the look and feel of the Web site.

Being in web development activities, what I realized is importance of presentation. To present ideas clearly is toughest job. In other way, it is best selection and coordination of available components. I accept that applications on web dominate e-commerce or e-business market. There are plenty of popular applications running on web. They are just not geared to web delivery. Everyday many websites are created for different purposes ranging from personal to professional or organizational.

The task of web designers is to design pages, graphics and layouts for websites. Decide whether you want to focus more on the artistic side such as graphics, photos and animation, or on the analytic, backend stuff, like writing programs to pop open browser windows, tap databases and automatically customize web pages for registered users? However both or balance of both should be the right solution. But sometime dynamism breaks liveliness of designs too. The ultimate aim is to keep person on site with supportive information and nice look.

A Cup of Web Drink!!

From beginning to end you should be well aware of each aspect of web designing. Programs or technologies are not only enough. You want look & feel and design for your website.

It starts from choosing the right style, visual elements, navigation design, typography, color selection and selection of fonts for websites. As a web designer creating a design that capture and keep visitors’ interest and usable designs that meet or exceed the requirements and preferences of your audience is an important deal. Web developers may try database tools and custom applications to enable the site to deliver the highest quality experience to the user.

The knowledge of different computer languages or scripting such as the basic language HTML, DHTML, XML, ASP, JSP or Java Script writing to create web pages is required.

For designer knowledge of maintaining CSS add values. You need some analytic, specialized-computer and other skills to take full advantage of the applications.

Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready, Coral Draw and Flash will enable you to design animated graphics and images. They are best for web designers. A bit usage of Flash should be in the right place at the right time for the right site.

Once prepared, how would you put these designs on a page? Applications like Microsoft Front Page and Macromedia Dream Weaver can be right tools. Before picking up jobs or courses, be aware of in which area of web designing and development, you have interest.

Every website says something!!

Make it functional. The design and functions of your website should hold visitors or users. It should be more effective and deliver the information that user is looking for. The corporate website should help the company to market products, services, business and satisfy customers with details information. I mean information by description of products & services, location & address, phone nos. & emails of important personnel or departments, company’s profile & history, profile of key personnel, selling in regions, distributors or retailing chain details and job requirements. Website should solve issues of all departments. This may cover details of Marketing, HR, Finance, Production and Corporate Relations departments that are supposed to be given to visitors.

Look for intuitive ways to find site content. Make chain of clues for those who bring visitors to you. Hiring professional content writers and creative professionals will solve your content writing & organization, graphics designing, colors & styles issues.

The most creative tip that I feel to be used is to use music in your site. If you really believe your site is the place, tune it down with options for increasing volume, changing images and colors for enhancements. Using maps and images are important by its functions too. A picture says thousands words.

The site you design should leave an impression, a feeling. Remember, you are a Web site “designer”, not a Web site “fabricator”. You don’t need to be a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt. You only need to understand what is scene behind the business.

The Last Sip

If you have good communicative skills and you are the master of designing being imaginative, you can take this challenge. The scene should be interacting with your clients, getting information in detail and convert them into multimedia giving shape of website that visitor or user love to visit. The output is to help company to achieve its goals.

If you find interesting to be so, instead of web designer, web architect or web developer, I would say – Web Initiator!!


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