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Computer Programming Information

Computer Programming Information

It is not needed to mention that computer programming is one of the most sought after jobs in the information technology sector. There are large multinational companies, working in this field and they are in constant requirement of software professionals to solve their computer programming purposes. Thus, computer programming information is one of the details that any person who wants to make a career in computer programming, looks for. It is also true, that without proper information on computer programming, no one can just enter the industry. Computer programming demands, good analytical and logical skills. Let us deal with the various aspects of computer programming information, one by one.

What is a Computer Program?
A computer program is nothing but a set of instructions, that has been written in a particular computer language to meet the end results. The target of the programmer may be as simple as multiplying two matrix to as complicated as automating an entire office setup. There are different methods of computer programming and different computer languages. By different methods of programming, I mean that you may have to simply write programs that deal with an organization’s database and process the information, or design complicated software that can handle and operate machines.

What are the Different Types of Computer Languages?
The different types of computer languages can be broadly classified into two types; assembly level language and high level language. While some people may contradict this and say that there is one more type of programming language, the low level programming language. But the low level programming language can more precisely be defined as the machine level language and designing a program using it will definitely become a tiresome task. You cannot name any variable and you have to find out the machine code, for each and every instruction that you write and use. Besides, when you look back at the code, you will not be in a position to make out which instruction is performing which operation.

Assembly Level Language
Assembly level language, allows you to name variables and of course it is easier to write commands in this language. But it is not as flexible and explanatory as compared to the high level language. It does not allow for flexibilities like re-usability of the same code. Assemblers are required to convert assembly level languages to machine level languages. The process in which the assembler works is a very complicated procedure and it is better that we just understand that its basic purpose is to convert the assembly level language to machine level language.

High Level Languages
The high level languages are the solution to all the computer programming problems, and allow a lot of ease. Previously, assembly level languages were mainly used for writing programs that need to be burned on a micro controller or micro processor. But with the advent of certain software, now, high level languages like C and C++ can also be used for programming in embedded technology. The high level languages can also be broadly classified into two types; procedure oriented languages and object oriented languages. Let me try to explain to you, these two types of programming languages in brief.

  • In the procedure oriented languages, the instructions are executed one by one and the process is given more importance. There is one main function or process that includes all the other functions. Every time a new set of data is created, the functions need to be redesigned. The BASIC programming language and C language are the two most common examples of high level language.
  • In the object oriented programming language, the main emphasis is given to the data. The process of programming becomes simpler as the code remains re-usable, under all cases. Even if the data changes, there is no impact on the remaining code. Java and C++ are the most commonly used object oriented programming languages.

Computer Programming Career Information
Now, let us take a look at the computer programming career information. When deciding a career in computer programming, you have to decide first, what type of programming you want to do. If you want to go for web programming, then you will need to have a proper command over one of the web programming languages, like PHP, HTML and Javascript. If you want to go for application development, then you will need a command over one of the application development languages, like Java, C, C++, etc. But with advancement of programming languages features, they can now solve a lot more functions. For example, by using the Java ‘hibernate’ feature, you can deal with databases using Java. However, it is always wise that you have some idea about the basic features, like database handling, when you want to make a career in programming languages. MySQL, Oracle, etc. are some of the DBMS (Database Management Systems) and whatever programming language you learn, it is always wise to learn one of these database management systems, at least the basic operations.

Besides, all this, you need to have good reasoning capability and of course, as mentioned before, good analytical and logical skills. You need to apply logic for designing or writing every program. Without good logical reasoning, you cannot design an application and hence you need to strengthen the same. It is also better that you have a degree in computer engineering or a masters in computer application or computer management, for pursuing a career in programming.

With this, I end up my article. I hope the computer programming information, that I have presented in this article, will be of some benefit to you.


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