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Computer Repair Prices

Computer Repair Prices

Computer repair shops are notorious for charging unrealistically high, and this is a source of discontentment amongst many people. Computers are complex electronic devices, and it is normal for them to face certain problems occasionally. A machine can face many different kinds of hardware problems and software problems, and people who do not know much about how these systems work, are often in dire need of experts who can provide repair services.

If you have been to such a store at some time in your life, you will be well aware of the exorbitant prices that they quote. At an average, these stores will charge you around USD 75 – USD 100 just to look at the machine, analyze your complaint and try to figure out a suitable solution. And in most cases, the solution that they recommend is going to be an extremely pricey affair.

You will most commonly hear these people tell you that your hard disk needs a complete overhaul, and they will charge you about USD 200 just to make a backup of the contents of your drive. This is a ludicrous claim because this is something that you can do for free. These stores can also clean up your machine of all unwanted spyware and other software that takes up space and slows the machine down, and this will set you back by a cool USD 250 at least. Surely this is not an amount you want to pay for something so trivial and so simple to do yourself. Laptops and desktops usually face common problems that anyone can learn how to solve.

Average Computer Repair Cost

The rates that these stores quote for you are absolutely over the top, and there are many people who are completely ignorant about computers and thus fall for these gimmicks. The key is to read up a bit on the subject that is plaguing you, because information regarding the same is freely available over the Internet today. With a little bit of knowledge you can solve the problem yourself. Of course, this is possible only if the problem is a minor one or a common one. Issues with your hardware or with your machine refusing to start, are some problems that only an experienced individual can solve comprehensively.

You will also find that different computer repair shops charge differently. The prices that they quote depend heavily on a variety of factors. Here are some of these factors for your reference.

  • The location of the consulting store is a major decider. Stores in city centers will obviously charge more than stores in the outskirts of a town.
  • The level of competition also plays a major role. If there are more computer shops near the one you have visited, they will offer you lower repairing rates. If they do not do so, they know that you will simply take your problem to the store that charges the least.
  • Your relationship and previous transactions with the store will also be taken into consideration. Visiting a store that you know and have dealt with before will get you a lower rate, as they will not try to dupe you.
  • The knowledge and the expertise of the repairman is also crucial. If he is highly qualified he will obviously charge a higher price for his services. On the other hand, amateurs and beginners will certainly quote lesser prices.
  • Lastly, the complaint that you have will also decide the price. A serious problem will cost far more than a problem that is elemental in nature and can be solved in a matter of minutes. The cost will also rise if there is some part that needs to be replaced.

Before you decide to give your machine to someone for repair, you must compare the price lists of different stores. Pick one that you feel is reasonable, without compromising on the quality of service and future computer performance. You can get very cheap rates from a shoddy store, but they may not solve your problem efficiently enough. You can also choose to get your machine repaired from one of the online stores. Their charges are much lower, but you will also have to pay shipping and transportation charges here. Try reading up more on the subject and improve your knowledge base about such matters, and this will help you solve many problems on your own as well.

In order to get the best deal you need to search for a good store, and have some knowledge about the problem that you are facing. If possible, you must solve these problems yourself, or get a friend of yours to solve them for you.


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