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How to Create Your Own Website

How to Create Your Own Website

Fredrick was a total geek and was fascinated by the internet and the trillions of websites on the internet. After researching and practicing embedding, hyper linking, layout of a website, the html tags and all that for days he was finally able to make a website on his own. Wow! It was such a rewarding experience for him, after a period of hard work.

Stories of some people amongst us must be quite similar to this one, right? Those who have made websites, they must have put in a great deal of hard work and must have invested some kind of capital on it. However, those who have not dabbled into website design, what do they do if they want to build one? Well, they can keep on reading and then come to know how to make my own website!

How to Make My Own website

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Getting a domain name is the amongst the basic things you need to do. Domain name refers to the name you want for your website. Annual charges need to be paid for using that domain name. It is just a name and does not mean that you have got the website. This is just like registering the name of your business. If you thought I can make my website for free, then this would be happy realization for you!

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The next step is selecting a web host and sign up for an account. A web host is primarily a company, having several computers connected to the internet. It is something like when you place your web pages on their computers, all those on the internet would be able to be connected to it and view them. Your page or the website would get an internet access. Doing this will mean that your website has a home. In the business jargon, having a web hosting account is akin to renting office space for your business. Once you sign up for a web hosting account, you must point your domain to that particular account on the web host.

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Now you are in for a real challenge. What you have to do now is actually design a website. You need to know about tagging, hyperlinking, embedding, keywords and the allied stuff. Assuming that you have a fair idea of that, you can make your own website. One of the main software needed for this is dreamweaver. It is also a web editing software. In case you want to hire someone, well, the task becomes all the more easier. Engine readiness, actually getting something out on the web are major issues related to designing and to create a website. There also online website creating templates and software too, which can make your work easier.

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You have accomplished the task of creating your own website by adding your sweat and blood to it and have said to yourself, that ‘yes, I have been able to make my own website!’ But there is another important step remaining there. That is website testing. By that I mean you need to test the web pages you have made, designing them in the major browsers. The mantra is to test with more than one Internet Explorer version, since the latest one would override the previous one. A way to make sure that your pages will work in all browsers is to affirm that the code of your web pages validates as correct.

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The website is working fine, you have everything in place. What next? Well, the next in line are money matters! In the scenario where you are selling something, you have to devise a way for gathering credit card details. You would also ideally need advertisers, which would not be difficult after a bit of a homework.

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Finally, what you need to do is to submit your site to search engines. If you have a lot of links to your website, you need not even submit it with the search engine – your website would be found automatically. Apart from that you would need advertise your website on website which get a huge traffic daily, the major websites, which will contribute to promoting your website.

Congratulate yourself! Now you can proudly tell others I can build my own website! This was of course the general guidelines if you were thinking how do I make my own website. As you go along, you would come to know about the ‘hidden links’ and other tagging!

All the best!


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