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It’s as if the internet had never existed

It’s as if the internet had never existed

Cue ‘The Twilight Zone’ theme music:Submitted for your approval: Imagine if you will… one day you wake up, and the internet was nothing but a dream… your dream.’You awake, and attempt to log on to Facebook as well as check your email, and visit a few news web sites as you’ve done every day now for a few years. Going to the usual place where your computer is, you sit down to begin your daily routine. All of your programs and files are there, but there is no web browser, no email client, no FTP program… It’s as if the internet had never existed.You turn on the TV to keep up with news and current events when your phone rings. It’s your friend calling to remind you that the group to which you both belong is meeting later, to go over the photos from the last outing. The friend asks you to bring Post-It Notes, so the group can tag people in the photos. Then you both discuss how it’s sort of a pain that everyone has to get together at once, and how cool it would be if people could just come and go as they please, and leave messages as to what they were thinking, or general ideas to share with the group. Your friend also reminds you to bring that CD of songs that you were telling them about, as they can’t wait to hear it. You say that you had just mailed it yesterday, and that your friend can expect it in a day or two…’This article could go on and on, but these are only a few of the many things that the internet has changed in the lives of people. The conveniences and quick accessibility to information that it has brought to us are now taken for granted as everyday events. What began as an idea to share information is now crucial in most of our day-to-day lives. It’s understood that it’s not for everyone, and surely it is a nightmare for some, but no matter what the case, it has certainly made life much more interesting. Let’s just hope that we don’t wake up one day, and it was all a dream.


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