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Meaning of URL

Meaning of URL

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It specifies the global address of web documents and web resource. The first part of the address is the protocol identifier. HTTP and FTP are examples of protocol identifiers, which indicate the protocol in use. The second part of a URL is the resource name that comprises the IP address or the domain name of the web resource. The basic reason behind locating or identifying a resource on the web is Internet communication. Interaction between web users and Internet resources is possible, only if each resource on the Internet is identified in a standardized manner.

A uniform resource locator is synonymous with uniform resource identifier that is abbreviated as URI. By definition, URI is a string of characters that is used to identify resources on the Internet.

Typically, HTTP is the first part of a URL. As you know, it is the protocol identifier. It is followed by a colon and two forward slashes after which comes the domain name of the resource to be located. URLs are commonly referred to as website addresses. To reach any particular website, you type its URL in the address bar of your browser, which retrieves the page for you. I think this explains to you the meaning of URL. You should go through these basic Internet terms, if you wish to introduce yourself to other web-related concepts.
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