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PC Keeps Freezing

PC Keeps Freezing

There may be several reasons why your PC keeps freezing up every now and then. First let me explain what freezing exactly means. It means that your desktop computer stops responding due to some reason and nothing moves and sometimes even Ctrl+Alt+Delete doesn’t work. And you have to opt for the last resort that is restarting the PC. In this article we will discuss the various causes of freezing of a PC and possible solutions for the same.

CPU is Overheating
When you use any machine, heat is produced and given out to the surroundings. A computer is no different. When you use it for too long, it heats up. But usually this heat gets dissipated to the surroundings with the help of a small cooling fan inside the CPU. So if this fan is not working properly, your processor may heat up more than it can bear. This creates problems in its computing operation. The reason for the fan malfunctioning might be a lot of accumulated dust in it. To identify if computer overheating is the cause of the freezing, see if the CPU makes a lot of noise when too many programs are on. To resolve this problem you will have to take your PC to a computer repairs shop and get the cooling fan checked.

PC Maintenance
If overheating is not the problem see if you are keeping your computer clean from inside. By inside I mean the software. Many times we install various games, software, applications, just to try them out. But when we uninstall them some files created by these installations along with some registry entries are left behind. If such unused files occupy a large portion of your drive, your computer freezes frequently. To solve this install a registry cleaner and clean up your windows registry from time to time. Also, defragment the drive and run the disk clean up utility.

Virus Check
If you have checked your computer for overheating and you have cleaned up your registry and defragmented your computer but still your computer keeps freezing, the problem might be a computer virus attack. Certain viruses like the trojan horse, can slow down your computer tremendously. If you spend a lot of time on the web an antivirus is mandatory for your computer. There are many free antivirus software available, which you can use to keep your computer virus free. But you have to update them regularly.

Computer Memory Check
Your computer needs hard drive space to operate. So sometimes your PC keeps freezing randomly due to lack of hard drive space. Also, if your RAM is less your computer will use the hard drive space as virtual memory. But if that is also not available, your computer keeps freezing up. The solution to this problem is pretty straight forward. Upgrade your RAM and hard drive. Also, if you are using an advanced operating system see if your computer configuration matches it.

Update All the Software
Updating all software including the operating system from time to time is also very important to ensure good computer performance. Especially antivirus software which has to be updated almost daily. Updating them ensures that all the bugs in them are removed.

The above solutions to your PC freezing problem can easily be implemented on almost any operating system. But if your PC keeps freezing even after doing all the above contact a computer technician and have him take a look at your computer.


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