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Web Developer Salary Range

Web Developer Salary Range

Hardly would there be a day, when no new web sites get launched. The Internet is getting larger and larger everyday, as the number of Internet users is increasing and also the reader’s hunger for information is rising. But, have you ever thought, who are these people who bring all these web sites to us and present information in an attractive and readable format. Well, you’ve guessed it right! The answer is web developer! A web developer is the one who constructs, develops and introduces the website to the web world and also looks after all the technical aspects associated to the web site, such as formatting, troubleshooting, etc. But these are not the only things done by a web developer. In fact, the web developer’s job includes a vast array of duties and responsibilities related to web development. The text below will give you an idea of the job description, educational requirements and most importantly the web developer salary range.

Web Developer Career

Job Description
A web developers can be termed as the ‘father of a web site’, as he is the one who creates, formats and develops it. However, all these things need to be done according to the client’s requirements and demands. Nonetheless, web developers need to work as per the client’s guidance. The following is the job description of a web developer.

  • The core job of a web developer is web site designing and developing it according to the specifications given by the client.
  • This also includes developing the web site with a strong optimization and functionality.
  • Another important part of the web developer’s job is integrating the database with the company’s web site and also create company’s web pages that include animation, functionality and graphics.
  • Building and designing relational database systems and their web interfaces also constitutes a vital part of the duties and responsibilities of a web developer.
  • Helping the client in developing strategies regarding web development and also web site promotion.
  • Developing web page infrastructure and web application associated to web pages with hi-tech features and graphics.
  • Supervising the technical performance of the web sites and also the web server.
  • Troubleshooting the technical problems faced by the web site and looking after the security issues of the web site.

Web Developer Educational Requirements
Web developing is a specialized form of job and therefore you need to have in-depth knowledge of all the aspects related to a web site, right from the creation, security, formatting to troubleshooting and developing web development strategies of the web site. A two-year bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming is essential to enter this field. Proper knowledge of programming languages such as XML and PHP along with expertise in working with operating systems, such as Linux and Microsoft is one of the prime requirements. Apart from all these requirements, in-depth knowledge of standard based CSS and XHTML is also essential. Web developers are preferred if they possess a certificate for web development from any reputed institute or university.

Web Developer Salaries
Web developing can be figured out as one of the highest paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree. Average salary of a web developer with a medium-sized business and work volume, is anywhere around $55000-$60000. However, a senior web developer’s salary is certainly more and is somewhere around $70000 per year. As a web developer, you have excellent growth and career opportunities, as there are chances that you can get promoted to become a project manager or web designing director. With these designations, you can definitely earn more than $80000 per year.

Apart from education, your own understanding, knowledge, customer service and experience in web developing, would help you earn more and more wealth! Needless to say, web developing has an enormous scope for development and growth. So go ahead and let us surf through the great web sites to be designed by you!


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