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At you literally have nothing to lose

At you literally have nothing to lose

The Publisher’s Clearing House website offers magazine subscriptions and assorted merchandise at a discount. They’re also famous for offering chances for people to win some BIG money. Granted, the odds of winning are stacked against an individual, but it’s entirely free to enter all of their games and sweepstakes, so no one really can complain.On their ‘About PCH’ page, Publisher’s Clearing House claims to have been started in a garage in 1953. Quite a modest beginning, to be sure. To this day, they declare to have awarded over $240,000,000 since 1967. In many instances, they state directly on their site that ‘NO PURCHASE OR FEE NECESSARY TO ENTER. A PURCHASE WON’T IMPROVE AN INDIVIDUAL’S CHANCE OF WINNING.’You can only play the games once per day. The site ‘resets’ at midnight, EST allowing more chances for you to play. There’s no obligation to play ALL of the games. You can choose only the games and contests that you wish to play or enter daily.All they ask from you between entries is that you watch one ad per entry, which is usually a short video that lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute in length. Even that can be bypassed by starting the video in one tab of your browser, then going back to doing what you were doing in another tab. Return to play the next game for your chance to win. Other games will require that you scroll down the page and click a “Skip” button, unless you’d like to purchase a subscription or buy an item or two. The games include, but are not limited to:• Sweepstakes. (Needless to say, $7,000 every week for life is a life-changing prize.)• Scratch off games.• Carnival-themed games.• Slot machine games.• They even have their own version of lotto games.You can also ‘Like’ the page on Facebook and sign up to be a ‘Superfan’ which will offer you more chances of winning every day, in addition to entries you submit at the regular website.The only downside, if any, is that you’ll spend close to two hours at a daily sitting if you wish to participate in all of the sweepstakes and other games that they offer, and you’ll look at A LOT of ads, but again, it’s free to play. If you feel your time is more valuable than having multiple chances to win MEGA amounts of money, then you’re probably better off wasting your time by simply watching random videos at YouTube, and good luck with that.


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