Computer Keeps Restarting On Its Own

After a long day at work, you want to unwind, relax, and do light browsing on the Internet. Once you’re finished with dinner, you are ready to turn on your computer and surf the web. However, when you go to turn your laptop/computer on, it automatically goes blank and restarts on its own. I wouldn’t be wrong by saying that this is one of the most irritating incidents. And you can’t just turn your laptop off and deal with it later. You want to get things done now. However, with a nonfunctional laptop, how are you going to even search for a solution. So I am assuming that you’re at work at the moment or are using someone else’s laptop to find the solution for this issue.

There can be several reasons why a computer restarts randomly. From virus to faulty hardware, the reason for your computer to not work properly can vary. Also, these days there are a number of hardware and software combination that can create a heck of a situation for the users. To revive your computer back to its original glory and to peacefully surf the Internet, read the rest of the article for a few reasons why your computer restarts as if it has a mind of its own.

Computer Restarting By Itself

Before you begin to panic and/or get disheartened, there are some quick fixes you can try to revive your laptop back to its original glory. And for that, you need to read the following steps carefully.

  • First of all, check all your hardware. If any hardware is loosely fit or needs replacement, you need to fix it immediately. Check the RAM (Random-access Memory) stick to see if it is corrupt. If that’s not the case, check to see whether it is sitting properly or not. You may get an error message on your computer and the computer will restart. The same is the case with the hard disk. You can run a check with Memtest86. These are some of the most basic issues I’ve come across.
  • Many a time, an error message appears on the screen, instead of the computer rebooting on its own. This particular solution is for “system failure” errors. Go to My Computer and right click on it. Click on Properties and a small window will open. Go to the Advanced tab → Start Up and Recovery → Settings. In Settings, uncheck the box that says Automatically Restart. Click OK once, and then once more (click OK two times). This will help you analyze the issue instead of making the computer reboot on its own.
  • Another option to analyze why your computer keeps restarting on its own, is to restart your machine in safe mode. Wait till the computer boots up completely and your Windows is stable. If it does not reboot on its own, the problem is related to some software. If the computer restarts even in safe mode, the problem lies with the hardware or the operating system.
  • One simple, yet the most ignored reason for the computer to reboot is over-heating. Due to improper air circulation and dirt sitting between the CPU and the fan, the CPU gets hot and the computer shuts down. Make sure you provide good ventilation to your CPU, for it to work smoothly.
  • Improper drivers can also lead to a computer restart. To check this issue, go to My Computer and right click on it. Click on Properties and a new window will open. Go to the Hardware tab and click on Device Manager. A list will appear where you will have to check all the categories and if you find a yellow or red warning icon, you need to update that particular driver.
  • Computer Restarting at Startup

    If the computer doesn’t respond after startup and won’t even let you boot up, then here are some tips that can help you. Remember, there’s always a solution available. All you need to do is, follow the steps correctly.

  • A malicious code is a common reason why a computer restarts just after its starts. There are many computer viruses that get into your operating system and mess around with system files. Keep your antivirus software updated to get rid of or block any such virus. Also, installing a trustworthy antivirus software is very important.
  • A virus called bar311.exe can be the reason. To check if this is the reason why you are facing issues, click on Start → Run, type cmd, and press Enter. If your system reboots, then the virus is present. A registry tweak can be performed on the system to get rid of the virus. This virus attaches itself to userinit.exe file, which is responsible for the operating system to initialize the user settings and log in. The virus attaches itself with this file and starts every time the computer boots up.
  • Depending on exactly what the main issue is with your computer, perhaps the computer is freezing at startup, you can fix the issue easily. One of the main factors to remember, while using and working on a computer/laptop, is that fixing internal problems can give your computer a long life. It may seem challenging, for those who aren’t “tech-savvy”. But there is a way out; these easy-to-follow steps mentioned in the article. I hope these steps were clear enough and the next time your computer gives you similar issues, you’ll know exactly what to do.

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