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Computer Restarts During Startup

Computer Restarts During Startup

Owning a computer obviously has many benefits, but there are several problems that accompany the possession of one. Electronic devices are not immune from unforeseen issues, and the complexity of a computer makes it prone to several different complaints from time to time. The most common cause of computer problems is a virus, and these can have different effects on the machines.

Computer viruses are designed to produce a certain effect, and it is absolutely vital to install a proper antivirus software on any machine. New viruses are created on a daily basis, so it is also necessary to regularly update these programs, so that they can deal with the latest problems. Apart from viruses, there are many hardware issues that can also occur from time to time, and these kinds of problems are impossible to predict.

Computer Restarts on Its Own

One of the most frustrating issues that plague computer owners is the failure of the machine to startup properly. The device runs a complete scan of all the parts individually before it boots up, and a failure of any one part to respond leads to major complications. If you find that your computer restarts during startup on a regular basis, then there are several issues that you need to check for.

The best bet is to have a computer technician look at the problem, simply due to the vast number of problems that could be leading to such a situation. Someone who is knowledgeable and trained in such matters will obviously know exactly what he is looking for in this case. If you are hesitant to do so at the first sign of trouble, then here are some possible reasons that could be causing this problem. You can tackle each of them in the manner you see fit.

Issues with the Drivers
The drivers in any machine are a set of programs that allow the hardware and peripherals to interact with the CPU and function normally. Sometimes, when these drivers get updated over the Internet, they may get corrupted. On other occasions, these drivers may not have been installed properly in the first place. If your computer keeps rebooting itself in an endless loop, this could be a possible cause. In order to fix this, you should first remove all external peripherals, except for the bare necessities like the mouse and the keyboard. Now you will need to start your machine in Safe Mode, then go to My Computer, right click on it and select Properties, then select Hardware and then select Device Manager. You will now see a list of device drivers, and if there are any yellow warning signs in front of them, you will need to either repair them or reinstall them. This can be done through the official website of the computer manufacturer whose machine you are currently using.

Issues with Hardware
This is a problem I faced recently, so I know its potency. If the RAM chip in your machine, or any other hardware component, has come loose inside the CPU, the computer will not start. You may see the notorious blue screen of death, but the rebooting process will certainly carry on in an endless mode. The best thing to do is turn off the machine, open up the CPU (this can be done very easily) and check all the components. The RAM chip, the video card, the sound card, and the motherboard, are the usual suspects in such a scenario. So you must know what they look like and how to locate them.

Issues with Overheating
This is an issue that commonly plagues laptops. Their cooling fans are not very effective, and overusing a machine does lead to overheating. This will cause a system wide failure and lead the machine to turn itself off and not turn on. What you need to do in such a situation is just leave the machine alone for a few hours and let it cool down. Moreover, you must always use your computer in a room with proper ventilation and cooling facilities. Overheating can lead to many serious complications.

Issues with Viruses
As mentioned earlier, this is the biggest threat to computers, especially Windows based machines. There are hundreds of thousands of potent viruses that can infect a machine, and they can cause adverse reactions. In such a scenario, prevention is definitely better than cure. You must install an effective antivirus software, and you should also regularly visit its website and update the software. This will keep your computer protected against viruses, malicious software, and various kinds of adware as well.

If your computer restarts during startup, then you need to allow it to boot in Safe Mode. This is a protected mode and this will give you the chance to explore the machine and figure out what the problem really is. Once this has been done, you need to go to My Computer, right click on it and select Properties, then select the tab that says Advanced, then select the Settings tab in the Startup and Recovery category, and then uncheck the box in front of Automatically Restart. This will prevent the machine from restarting automatically in the future, only if there is no overheating or hardware problem.

These solutions should prove helpful to you if you are facing this problem. We cannot guarantee that your problem will get fixed completely, because these issues are quite unpredictable in nature. Visiting a computer repair store will also give you some worthwhile solutions, and they will also be able to aid you further, in case of other complications.


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