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Computer Shuts Down By Itself

Computer Shuts Down By Itself

Frequent shutting down of computers is quite a common problem encountered by a large number of computer users. Many times, when the user is working on his or her computer, the computer shuts down for a while and restarts again and again. Frequent occurrence of this problem is very annoying. Here we discuss some common computer problems that will answer your query as to why your computer shuts down by itself.

Computer Randomly Shuts Down: Possible Reasons

If your laptop or computer shuts down by itself randomly, then there can be many possible reasons for it. Knowing the problems due to which your PC keeps shutting down frequently will help you deal with them accordingly.

Reason #1: Virus Infiltration
If your computer shuts down unexpectedly, then computer viruses can be the reason behind it. The notorious computer viruses are the most common reason for periodic shutting down of computer systems. Once your system is infected by a computer virus, the virus will impair the ability of your operating system (OS) to perform, leading it to shut down, occasionally.

Solution #1
Install a good antivirus software in your computer, if you don’t have it. Getting your computer scanned properly is important to avoid any threats of malware or other viruses like Trojan. Whenever you’re using USBs, ensure that you scan them properly. Viruses are transferred generally from external agents like pen drives. In case, you use Internet, use an antivirus software that warns you about websites that are meant to harm your computer. So if your computer keeps restarting on its own, a malicious code or virus can be the main reason behind it. Get rid of it, at the earliest.

Reason #2: Incorrect Computer Settings
If you use Windows XP OS, it is advisable to check the settings of your computer. This OS comes with an inbuilt program that reboots the computer, in case of error detection.

Solution #2
Click on ‘Start’ → ‘Control Panel’→ Select ‘Performance and Maintenance’ → Click System → Select Advanced option → Select ‘Settings’ from ‘the Startup and Recovery’ section → Uncheck ‘Automatically Restart’ option.

Reason #3: Overheated Computer
If your computer shuts down by itself, overheating may be another possible cause. Let us face it. Computer overheating is a problem we all encounter at some point of time in our computer usage. Many times, laptop overheats and shuts off. This is because most of the laptops these days come with an inbuilt temperature sensor that shuts down the computer after it has reached a certain temperature, as per the laptop settings.

Solution #3: There are many ways to avoid this problem. You may need to check out some laptop cooling pad reviews to select a good cooling pad. That will ward off most of the heat of your laptop and prevent it from overheating. You can also go to the nearest computer repair shop and get your computer or laptop cleaned. If there is dust inside your computer, it can seriously hamper its functioning. Periodic cleaning of the computer helps. Sometimes the CPU and motherboard get excessively heated if you’re running many applications at a time. It is best to avoid that and do your tasks one by one. Sometimes, faulty capacitors or some problem in motherboard circuitry can also cause the computer to overheat. Get it checked from a computer repairshop.

If your computer shuts down by itself, then it is possible that anyone of the above reasons, may be the cause of it. Sometimes, more than one reason is possible for shutting down of your computer. Some random checks for loose connections or for overheated power supply system can also help you track the cause of repeated shutting down of your computers. Even dusty PC fans can cause your computer to shut down periodically. If you’re unable to find any problems on your own, it is advisable to visit a good computer repair shop and discuss the problem with a trained computer technician.


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