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From clouds to thunderstorms in corporate America

From clouds to thunderstorms in corporate America

The Cloud is dramatically revolutionizing the way in which we do business in America and throughout the globe. By the end of 2013, the public Cloud is expected to grow by $131 billion. With Cloud’s automatic updates, it’s easy to get blown away. Amazon Web Services launched over 130 system updates between January 2011 and September 2012, which mean a new update every five days. There’s no more having to wait for critical edition fixes.The Cloud standardizes IT and increases device compatibility, allowing employees to bring their personal devices—and ones they are comfortable with—to the workplace. The average employee in the U.S. saved 81 minutes per week with BYOD. U.S. companies also enjoyed savings with BYOD. Cloud enables employees to “dial into” corporate systems and work remotely, which results in a 13 percent boost in productivity as well as increased happiness and satisfaction.The Cloud reduces the need for server management and maintenance, which frees up time for the tech savvies to innovate and simplify processes. “Creative people are becoming increasingly tech savvy, and there is a clear requirement already in business for creativity that works seamlessly with technology,” says Professor Andrew Hugill, director of creative Cloud computing at Bath Spa University.To learn more about the Cloud and how it’s transforming the business landscape, check out this infographic presented by ClickSoftware!


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