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Google Glass app store confirmed for 2014

Google Glass app store confirmed for 2014

Google Glass won’t be coming out until sometime in 2014 and on Sept. 3, Marketing Land got the word right from Google that there will be an app store to accompany the device when it is available to the public. The topic was quietly breached this weekend in a post in the New York Times, and maybe it was a little too quiet, since Google had to come right now and spell it out for us.But they haven’t elaborated much more on the topic. Marketing Land, who got the scoop, can only say that is has been confirmed, not whether the Glassware will be part of Google Play or whether or not the apps will be free. The site notes that for now Glass’s terms of service states that developers must make the apps free, but it’s unlikely that will be a standard they stick with for too long.Developers have already been hard at work creating apps specifically for the device, including apps from Field Trip, Tesla, Evernote, Tumblr and CNN. For now users are able to look through several different directories to find what they need in the absence of an actual marketplace for Glass apps, as ZDNet notes.


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