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How Facebook is now allowing scams to target you for false weight loss products

How Facebook is now allowing scams to target you for false weight loss products

With millions of people across the globe using Facebook the social media giant is filtered with new ads and scams promoting fake and misleading weight loss pages. If you are a woman you may have noticed ads or “suggested pages” filled with beautiful women with “before” and “after” photos showing amazing weight loss results. However, the ads usually include the too good to be true promise of achieving these results without exercise or a change in your diet. Could these “pages” have the answer to weight loss by selling a magic pill that will truly allow an individual to see results without a change in their life-style? The answer is a big, fat no.Sadly, with the new changes in Facebook advertisers can create any page and pay to promote it targeting a specific group. Men might log on and see the same “before” and “after” photos of other men who have lost a significant amount of weight. Or perhaps a photo comparison of a thin man who is transformed into a slick, muscle bound hunk. With groups allowed to hide behind computer screens and create these types of pages sadly, many desperate Facebook users may fall victim to the scam. Many Americans who are overweight are looking for that product that will allow you to simply take one magic pill a day without having to make any effort with exercise or better nutrition. The fact is that it takes a consistent exercise routine combined with healthy nutrition in order to see any physical changes regarding weight loss and muscle gain. Don’t be the user that falls for these types of scams. Only by changing your life-style through healthy nutrition and exercise will you see the results you desire.


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