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Build your customer base with social media

Build your customer base with social media

Many business owners are struggling with how to convert customers from social media. It is not surprising that many entrepreneurs are hesitant or worried about this task because it seems difficult and it is very time consuming. The truth is, to find customers on social media such as Twitter or Facebook, all you need is a good solid strategy and the time to do it. This strategy should include the following.Your strategy should include knowing the demographics of each potential client so they will be a good fit for the services you currently provide. According to, in August 2013 there were over 1.5 billion Facebook users, however, keep in mind, even if a social network has over a billion people, your pool of potential clients may not be that big. Finding clients takes time so you need to set aside a great deal of time for this as a business owner. A common misconception about a business that has ventured in social media is that when a business puts an ad, it will eventually go viral. In reality there is only a 2% chance of this occurring. So 98% is the effort and dedicated work on the part of the business owner to make this happen.You also need to identify which social media is best to find the greatest number of potential, targeted customers. Take note of how you have enticed your current clients, given that you already have a number that have tried your services and products. Many people love promotions and freebies to see what your products are or what services you provide. These free gifts you offer to advertise your business will have great impact.It is then necessary for the entrepreneur to go where the clients are. Some social networking sites will work better compared to other sites because of the demographics. For some businesses, Google+ and Facebook may be the answer, but for others out there, LinkedIn or Twitter may be the best answer.Finding the right clients via social media to grow your loyal customers is an amazing idea. Social media offers great client and sales potential, instant advertising and socializing that can generally help your business hit the top and establish you as an expert in your field of work. However, this will only happen if you are dedicated to your work as well as have a trusted strategy to follow with milestones and goals and great social sites to use. The process of finding the right clients for your services may be hard at first but if you stay committed, consistent and really give time and effort, the hard work will pay off in the end.


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