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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website

When you create a website, you have to factor in a lot of associated costs under different heads. The good news is, they are extremely flexible and depend mostly on how big of a website you want to build.

Building a Website

Building a website is one of the best ways of announcing yourself to the world. Whether your business offers different products or services, your business can get the best, truly global exposure through the Internet. And building a website is an integral part of telling worldwide consumers what value proposition you intend on providing to the people. So in today’s uber-competitive product and service markets, building a website is no longer a novelty, but a necessity.

Purchase a Domain Name
The first step in building your own website is to purchase a domain name. What is a domain name? The domain name is basically the name of your website. For example, the domain name of this website is So first you have to decide on the domain name for your website and then purchase it from a domain seller. Registering a domain name has become quite cheap these days and costs about $10 every year.

Web Hosting
Web hosting is the platform which supports your site. Web hosting is basically supposed to be where your site lives. Every website needs to have a host server that runs the site and stores the data on it. There are several web hosts that host your site for varying prices. The price depends on the number of pages and the amount of data on your website. Understandably, a website with a lot more content and a lot more data will have to pay a larger amount towards web hosting. Cost for website hosting like I said is quite variable and is usually $30 or more.

Web Designing
Web designing is basically all about the layout of the website and what the website looks like. Web designing is an important step as it gives a better look to your site. A professional web designer has an extensive job and does more than just basic HTML coding. You can even choose to go about your website design your own way with the knowledge and expertise that you have, where the cost for website design is zero. You can also pick and choose from the various free templates available. A professionally designed website from a good website design service on the other hand can cost you anywhere from $200 for a premium template to $10000 or even more depending on the reputation of your web designer.

Site Content
Website content is again a discretionary expense which you can choose to not include in your budget. You have the option though of getting a professional web writer to explain your website and in contents in detail, the cost of which will come to about $26 to $30 a page. But then again, of you feel you can do a better job with it, you can leave this expense untouched.

In conclusion, you can see that website installation charges can be anywhere from $40 to an unspecified upper limit. The only question is how much do you want the cost to be?


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