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How to Become a Computer Programmer

How to Become a Computer Programmer

You are reading this web page right now because of millions of lines of programming code written to make the working of the world wide web, the web browser and your operating system possible. The virtual world of the Internet and the graphic user interface of your operating system is a product of programming code. To learn how to become a programmer is to learn how to solve problems creatively and analytically. Every advanced electronic device has embedded software inside, which makes its working possible. Right from your digital watch, to your smart phone and your computer, embedded programming code, along with the embedded computer chips, make all the functioning of these devices possible. The unsung heroes who put in their logic in creation of these software programs are the programmers.

Becoming a Programmer

Know what you are getting into before deciding to become a programmer. What does it mean to become a programmer? It is creating an algorithm or a sequence of instructions for the electronic brain of the computer (computer chip) to follow, in order to get a specific task done. To be a programmer is to think for the computer and make automation possible.

Develop Your Analytical Skills
One of the necessary skills is the ability to think on your own and solve problems. You need to train your mind to arrive at a solution to a problem, in the shortest possible way. An attitude to analyze a problem, formulate a strategy and execute it with precision to find a solution is what is needed.

Learn Programming Languages
To solve a problem in computing, you need to develop an algorithm first and then translate it into a machine language for the computer to understand. The algorithm needs to be written in programming language and then further converted into a machine level language which your computer understands through an interpreter program. You need to know more than one computer programming languages that are used for different purposes.

If your logic is sound, expressing it in any programming language shouldn’t be a problem. Start with ‘C’ programming language and then move over to object oriented languages like C++ and Java. You may need to learn newer languages for certain application like Perl or Lisp. You need to practice writing programs in various languages to get a hang of it. All computer programs including antivirus software and computer operating systems, began from scratch, as programming code.

Get a Degree in Computer Programming
For this IT job, although formal education is not necessary, it helps if you have it. You need to score well in your SAT tests to be able to find a good undergraduate school that teaches advanced computer science. It is one of the requirements to be a programmer that you get specialized knowledge of computer science in the form of a postgraduate degree, where you can get access to some of the software programming pundits.

Begin a Start Up or Join a Software Company
Once you are qualified enough, you are ready to take on real world computing problems and enter the field of software development. You could either start up your own software company or join one that pays you a big fat salary. What is most important is to expand your skills, through exposure to computing problems of various kinds and on various platforms.

What makes a good programmer is the child like zest to solve problems and riddles. It requires a creative bent of mind to solve complex problems. If you love solving analytical problems of any kind and enjoy the process of creation, you will love computer programming. I wish you all the best!


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