How to Create a New Circle in Google+

For all those who are new to the concept of Google+, allow me to explain that Google+ is Google’s new social networking tool. However, currently they seem to be trying it with a small number of people to check the reviews and its working, but they are pretty confident that it won’t be long before it is ready for everyone. One of the unique features of this tool is to create a group of friends via circles. Circles enable us to follow the people existing in that particular circle, just like in twitter. These are specially created to help you organize everyone, according to the real-life social connections. For example, you have a family circle for family members exclusively, and likewise for work friends, close friends, acquaintances and so on. All this just makes it easier to share relevant content with the right kind of people. For example, if you are throwing a party for your office colleagues; show it only to office friends circle. This is not it, you can also customize your personal information for every circle. So, if you do not want a certain set of friends to know about your relationship status, location, or any other details, you might as well exclude those details from that particular circle. I have listed down one of the most easiest and preferred way to create circles in Google+. Scroll down.

Creating a New Circle in Google+

Step #1
To begin with, login to your Google plus account with your user id and password. You will have your Google+ account open in front of you. Now, go to the tool bar at the top of your page and click on the circles icon like shown in the picture below. This will open the circles page in a new tab.
Step 01
Step #2
By default there are 4 circles created by Google+, which include Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following. Apart from these default circles, if you wish to create some new ones, here is what you have to do. Select the people you want to add to the group. You can either select one person by clicking on the name title or multiple titles using your cursor. You can put the same person into as many circles as you like. For example, if you want your cousin to be in your family as well as your friends circle you are welcome to do so.
Step 02
Step #3
Once you are ready with a friend or list of friends, drag and drop them in a blank circle, which would read “drop here to create new circle” like in the picture below. You will find this icon at the bottom of your screen. When you are done with the above, the circle will display the number of people you’ve added in the circle. If in case you happen to add a person twice or if you have added someone to the circle already, they wouldn’t be added twice. So, you don’t worry.
Step 03a
Step #4
When you finish with adding all the friends, the text on the circle will change to “create circle.” Click it. You will have an empty box pop up, asking you to name the circle. The format that empty box is given below. Type in the name of your circle and click “create circle with x people.” you can always add more fiends to this actual circle, which appears in your profile now. You can also rename your circle, whenever you want. For that you need to click on “rename” next to the name of the circle, edit it and click save.
Step 03b
Step 04
Step #5
If you have done everything properly, the newly created circle should appear near the four default circles in your profile. In case you want to get a person out of your circle; click on that particular circle to which the person belongs, select the one you would like to remove and click remove. Done! To delete an entire circle, you select that specific circle, click “delete this circle” at the end of the pop up box and you are done. Remember, once you delete a circle, you cannot recover it back in any case.
Step 05
This was all about creating a new circle in Google plus. Hope, I have made this task easier to understand. Well, for now I sign out, you keep yourself logged in and explore the other features in Google+. It is interesting indeed!

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