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Keeping it in the family. Sygic offers an offline app

Keeping it in the family.  Sygic offers an offline app

One of the best announcements I heard from a mobile device app company is Sygic. Android owners now will have the ability to keep track of their loved ones with a navigational application. Starting its rollout in India, the startup company developed a voice guided platform powered by MapMyIndia. What is unique to this mobile device application is its offline capability. To ensure the country’s safety concern towards the residents in urban and rural areas, Sygic is offering its service free to its people. “By making our advanced navigation app available to millions of users for free, Sygic is helping countries like India become a safer, more enjoyable place to travel,” said Sygic CEO Michal Štencl.Right now the company enjoys 30 million global users in 115 countries. And if you have not used it before you can compare it to TomTom and TripAdvisor as a GPS navigational tool. Unlike other services where the internet is used, this platform stores the data onto the device.Features include: · Turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation· 3D cities and landscapes· Voice guidance in more than 40 languages· Multi-stop routes and Drag & Drop route editing· Speed limit display and audio warning· Road incident sharing with other drivers· Sharp curve warnings for added safety· SOS/Help to find assistance nearby· Spoken street names (text-to-speech) in American and British English· Interactive map – tap on any street, POI, or photo to choose action· Pedestrian navigation and stopwatch for outdoor activitiesMore information about the new app Family by Sygic is available on


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