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NY fashion week gets high tech in 2013

NY fashion week gets high tech in 2013

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York is September 5 – 12. That is not information that geeks generally care to search. But this year Fashion Week transcends fashion and goes high tech. Some of the closet “Project Runway” watching geeks will be happy with this information.First, Nina Garcia, “Project Runway” judge and Marie Claire creative director, will wear Google Glass to Fashion Week. Her photos and videos will be streamed live across her social media channels including Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the magazine’s Web site. Garcia said, “Google Glass Expedition is controlled by your voice or a tap of your finger. It’s a very different device than the iPhone. It’s like wearing a little computer. It’s a hands-free experience which is kind of liberating. I can go to a show and just be and not be looking down at my iPhone all the time.” Garcia has more than 818,000 followers in Twitter and 55,000 in Instagram.Pinterest, former “Project Runway” judge Michael Kors, Style Network and many other New York Fashion Week insiders are teaming up to bring the event to everyone. Appearing at, fashion designers, brands, and style experts from New York Fashion Week will give people a glimpse into behind the scene of the upcoming season. This new Fashion Week Hub will have many boards to inform about style, the latest collections and behind the scenes of the shows. One of the Pinterest boards, the ‘Lights. Camera. Fashion!’ illustrates how Michael Kors would dress a woman for New York’s fashion week.Pinterest also has partnered with Style Network to bring Fashion Week to TV. Style Network will air on Thursday, September 12 at 9pm ET “The ‘IT’ List: Top 10 Fall Trends” special that counts down the top 10 trends viewers will want to wear this Fall. On-air trend alerts detailing pins from fashion people will direct viewers to Pinterest. The board will link to the network’s Fahion Week.


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