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Overcoming a zombie apocalypse with technology

Overcoming a zombie apocalypse with technology

Technology is the solution to surviving—and even thriving—in the midst of any coming zombie apocalypse. Designed by Ron Harwood, former lighting designer for Disney World, Godiva and Niketown, Intellistreets was developed in response to the street-level chaos on 9/11/2001. It detects changes in surroundings such as floodwaters, vehicle impacts or passing zombies. Emergency call buttons allow civilians to contact emergency services. Intellistreets communicates wirelessly and can be retrofitted to existing will also be very important in our effort against any zombie apocalypse. Google Public Alerts optimizes search results to display the most relevant information during an emergency. Google Person Finder helps people reconnect with loved ones in the wake of disasters. It helped Toshiko Ayano find five relatives following the Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Custom Google maps can be created in a crisis such as tactical maps of zombie infestation sites. We have to use Google to survive any possible zombie apocalypse.To learn more about other resources we must tap into, check out this infographic presented by!


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