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Reasons Why Computer Freezes Frequently

Reasons Why Computer Freezes Frequently

If your computer freezes frequently then you must be well aware of how frustrating this ordeal can truly be. There is nothing more annoying to see your computer freeze up suddenly while you are in the middle of doing something important. When this happens you have to completely reboot your machine, and this can lead to an instant loss of some important data.

There are many reasons why a computer freezes frequently, and the fact of the matter is that you must look into it as soon as possible. Discerning the exact cause will take some time due to the large number of reasons for this problem. Sometimes a simple reboot can fix the problem, and at other times you may need to format your hard disk completely. Either way, this is a phenomenon that deeply distresses one and all.

Most people whose computer freezes frequently are Microsoft Windows users. This does not mean that Windows is a faulty computer operating system; this simply happens because Windows is used by so many millions of people that the most problems are detected in Windows. Any malicious or harmful firmware will almost always be designed to attack Windows due to its vast popularity. Here are some of the most common reasons why a computer freezes frequently.

Hardware Problems
Sometimes when you install new hardware on your machine, it can result in the computer freezing. This occurs because the drivers of the hardware have not been installed properly. What you need to do is re-install the device drivers for that item of hardware. If you do not have these drivers, visit the website of the manufacturer of the hardware and download the device drivers from there. If your computer freezes frequently, soon after you have installed a new piece of hardware, you can be certain that this is the cause.

If the system is used extensively for a prolonged period of time, it will most certainly overheat. This will cause the computer to freeze on a regular basis. If you are facing this problem a lot, you must visit a computer repair store and have them look at the fan inside the machine. This fan is supposed to cool down the machine, and if it is not working properly the computer will freeze frequently. Alternatively, you can switch off your machine for a few hours to let it cool down on its own.

Every computer is at a risk of being infected by a malicious and harmful virus. Some viruses can cause the system to freeze. In order to avoid this you must purchase a licensed antivirus software and install it on your machine. You must regularly update this software by visiting their website, because there are new viruses being created and circulated every single day. If your computer freezes frequently then it is very likely that your machine has been infected by a dangerous computer virus.

Other Factors
Some third party software are not compatible with our machines. This incompatibility can cause a conflict with our systems, and cause it to freeze. The creators subsequently release patches over the Internet to fix these conflicts. If your computer freezes frequently, it is possible that there is a problem with your hard disk or your Random Access Memory (RAM) as well.

When your computer freezes, in most cases the computer mouse as well as the computer keyboard will stop working. In this case you simply have to reboot your machine. But if your mouse is moving, you can enter the Task Manager window, locate the program that has caused the unresponsiveness, and then close that program. To view the task manager you can press ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’, or you can press ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ and then click on ‘Task Manager’ in the pop-up that opens.

Someone who has been working with computers for a while will be adequately aware about what to do when their computer freezes frequently. If you are a new user and are not quite sure what to do, it is probably best to call a technician and take some advice from an expert.


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