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Solving the water crisis

Solving the water crisis

Did you know 80 percent of all disease in the world is caused by contaminated water? Over three million people die every year from water related diseases making unsafe water the number one killer of life. A child dies every 30 seconds from a waterborne illness. The second leading cause of death of small children globally remains to be diarrhea spread by unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. Fifteen countries throughout Africa and South Asia account for nearly three-fourths of deaths of small children from diarrhea.WaterStep is working to address the water crisis by training individuals to provide solutions through water treatment, health and hygiene and sanitation. Examples include offering tools and training for hand pump repair and utilizing mobile technology to educate on a global platform.Simple measures can prevent disease and death across the globe. Learn more about the current water crisis and actions WaterStep is taking to combat it by checking out this infographic.


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