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Best Website Builder

Best Website Builder

The Internet is an unending web of connected webpages that is constantly enriched with new ones everyday. If you are one of the millions of people who wish to create web presence for yourself or your small business, then you will have to learn how to create webpages. However, if you don’t want to get into HTML coding or hardcore website design, you can opt for a WYSIWYG (What You Say is What You Get) type of software.

Choosing the Best

The choice of software and publishing platform depends on your level of expertise in web designing, the features you want your site to have, the facilities made available by the website builder and its user-friendliness. There are two main types of builders which include standalone software programs (like Microsoft FrontPage) or online sites which act as development platforms, besides hosting your webpages for a yearly fee. For small businesses the second option is more beneficial.

Given below are reviews of some of the best products and services that provide an easy-to-use web designing interface and technical support. They offer a complete web designing plus hosting solution for small businesses. If you are into hardcore web designing and want your website to have advanced features, go for software programs like Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage. Adobe Dreamweaver is also the best web site development software for Mac. If you plan to build a big site that can handle large traffic, you will have to opt for separate professional hosting services.


What makes these web designing software and hosting sites ideal for small businesses is the ease of publishing webpages without knowledge of coding and low hosting costs. Here are the top rated ones, reviewed for you.

Yahoo Web Hosting
Yahoo web hosting is a great option to choose due to its easy-to-use online site builder interface that uses templates, support for video applications, PayPal and its excellent web hosting facilities. It also offers a downloadable free web design software that you can use. It provides you with a customized domain name, email address and 24 hour technical support. All these are offered at a price of only $7.46 per month in their standard package!

Offering a range of more than 2000 pre-designed web templates to choose from, Homestead is a great option for anybody with little or no web designing experience. Besides offering a free trial for 30 days, Homestead will host your site for a monthly fee of $4.99.

Intuit is an award-winning software that helps you build websites very easily with its highly customized set of templates. It is one of the best options for small businesses that need a basic professional looking website. With a 30 day trial period, it costs only $4.99 per month.

This is a business website building software that offers a free as well as paid web designing and hosting service. Its paid package of Yola Silver comes at a price of $49.95 a year and offers excellent web designing and hosting service.

CityMax is a website designing software plus web hosting service that has already launched more than 572,000 business sites since 1999. Many entrepreneurs from around the world have benefited from their service. It will cost you only $19.98 per month to get your site hosted here.

This is a free web hosting and website builder at your disposal. Over 2 million webpages have been launched from Ezweb123. It easily guides you through web designing process and offers excellent customer support.

The Internet is a global platform for marketing and presenting your products. It is a platform for voicing your opinions in the form of blogs. It is the true embodiment of a democratic system with freedom of expression.


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