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Web Designer Job Description

Web Designer Job Description

Web designers are professionals who work on enhancing the looks and appearance of a website. Since the inception of the Internet, millions of websites have been launched and it’s said this number is increasing every minute. For firms, service providers, federal organizations, offices, shopping outlets, schools/colleges, hospitals and what not, owing a website and keeping it updated is a necessity nowadays.

Job Description for Web Designer

As global businesses have increased, every one is in need of a website. Website design job has become very popular as every firm is, nowadays, interesting in showing active presence in the web world. Though the capacity, skills, freelancing work experience and educational qualifications of every web designer vary significantly, the job description consists of some general activities that are as follows.

  • Work closely with client’s and discuss issues related to betterment of website, target audience and about leading competitors in the field.
  • Design a web page that is easier for users and that is attractive enough to appeal to the audience. Nevertheless, your website design services have to be creative, elegant and yet user-friendly.
  • Fixing problems encountered in the functioning of the website.
  • Use various combination codes like HTML, CSS and XHTML to write contents on web pages.
  • Work on improving image presentations and other features on the website digitally.


Refer to the given job description sample for understanding how will your job duties look like when you’re going to apply for the post of a web designer. On the other hand, if you’re hiring some web designer, you can use this sample as an example of what to include in your official employment press releases.

Job Description Sample
Position Title: Website Designer/ Website Developer

Who We Are: This section of job description will give you information about the company willing to hire you and a brief description about it. You need to read this piece of information carefully, as that will give you an idea about the company size, industry, work environment and location.

What You Got to do: As a website designer, you’re required to carry out following activities:

  • (Example 1): Be involved in website maintenance, website usability and ensure that the website’s brand value is at least maintained, if not improved .
  • (Example 2): We wish to recruit a web designer who can work earnestly on creating static and dynamic websites. Some of the core duties of a website designer include, designing interior page layouts, CSS creation, PhotoShop documents, work with teams on projects.
  • (Example 3): As a web designer, you’ll be required to work upon building a website. Since our website is entirely dedicated for e-commerce uses, you’ve to work upon making our website user-friendly and easy to use.

Job Duties/Responsibilities
As an employer, you can use any or all the following job duties. Depending on your requirement, you may include some other duties also. For a candidate applying for web designer position, they can know about what are various job duties.

  • Manage time effectively by working on both facets, web designing and web description.
  • Develop web applications using ActionScript, Flash, XML, XHTML and CSS.
  • Design websites that are easy and effective to use.
  • Advising client’s on changes for improvement in website layout and making the website more user-friendly.
  • Consult and discuss with client’s about various aspects of website construction.
  • Designing a draft site that client’s can view and analyze for approval.

Web developer job description consists of several activities that are linked to a website designer job description. Most of the facets associated with the job of a web designer consist of activities that revolve around website maintenance and its improvement. The salary range for experienced designers varies between US$35,000 to US$90,000 and it also depends on the educational qualifications. In the recent years, career development path for web designers have increased significantly and hence bright career avenues are a possibility.


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