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Color Schemes for Websites

Color Schemes for Websites

The optimization of the web page is done, width has been decided, variability in web page displays and fonts are defined, screen resolutions are set, but what is it that’s still missing? Oh yes! Of course the colors you will need to throw in. Colors are normally a very fascinating and sensitive perspective to reckon. Especially, for all those website designers, who think that I would “make my own website” usually have to undergo a variety of aspects, and one of them is, color schemes for websites. I am sure, narrowing down the choices to choose any one or a combination of colors, must be the biggest challenge for all you splendid minds. All colors look beautiful. Sometimes the logo of the website design gets elevated, if you judiciously have the right elementary colors to fill in. In the initial stages of planning, it is always the content which is considered at the forefront, which is followed by a layout and last comes the styling. These are considered to be the key elements of a good website. Styling can be in terms of fonts and colors. As you keep fostering within your site, you have to adjust the colors, correct and balance them and update other color factors progressively. To impress the visitors, appealing color combinations are vital. Here are few website color schemes, resources and names of some online tools, available to offer you all kinds of possibilities and directions to create an attractive and eye-catching website.

Color Scheme Designer

A color scheme designer is a tool available on the Internet which will help you decide and choose the color for your website in no time. All you have to do is, select a basic color to start with and this tool will choose analogical, contrasting, monochromatic or then any of the complementary colors that would best suit your site.

Complement Colors- For instance, let’s say that your website has a logo which is yellow and you think a yellow web page will suit best for your type of profession. Select the basic color and rest of the job would be done on its own. Purple possibly can be a complementary color of yellow. Try several shades of both these colors and they might be just the exact combination for your website.

Monochromatic Colors- Some designers often like to start with monochromatic colors, such as choosing a basic color and having many shades of the same. For example, the color blue, would have several shades like, light blue, sea blue, dark blue, navy, etc.

Analogical Colors- Changing to analogical color schemes, in such a cases, base colors, complementary and neighbor schemes may assist you in your selection. In this tool, you will have complementary colors and neighboring colors for example, blue, magenta and purple shades. From such a given combination, you can sparingly use all the shades for different areas of interests.

Triadic Colors- This section of the color tool is usually used on children websites. It is a combination of three colors blending well with each other, for example- yellow, green and blue. Use any one of the three colors as a background color and the other two in different areas of your page. This will add a lot of contrast and a professional look to the site.

Some Color Scheme Designer Tools

Adobe Kuler: This is a tool where one can browse through all the wonderful color schemes, use it conveniently, choose the color combination and one can also download them to use with the software; Adobe Creative Suite.

ColorSuckr: Based on your image or photo, ColorSuckr can create modern color combinations with different ideas and themes. It extracts twelve most characteristic colors from your image and you can move those final color results around the page by either clicking, holding or dragging on the color strip.

ColorCombos: Basically the main software of this site is the Combo Tester, which allows the designers to see how a bunch of colors would work on the screen. It helps you test and select different color combination quickly. It also has a Combo Library, which contains hundreds of color hex values along with their color swatches.

Color Lovers: There are various types of color palettes available on the Internet which will be ideal for you to pick the popular color schemes for any website.

ColorLovers: It’s a community which monitors and regulates color trends to all the web designers. This tool has a color-picker code available for people to use colors– whether for product designing, in architecture or any business related specification.

Today, choosing color combinations is no rocket science, at least not with such simple web design and development software which are easily available over the Internet. Plainly visiting these sites, reading the instructions carefully and understanding the working of the tools, can avail you with a fantastic design and many more ideas to make your work more effective.

Regardless of the quality of the content on the site, the designer has to ensure that the website is pleasing to read and would pose a good appearance. To solve this dilemma, here are a few color scheme ideas that could come handy for all you web designers.

Color Scheme Ideas

  • Black color over Beige: As compared to black over white, black over beige is easier on the viewers or the readers part and could be a pleasant combination. This could be used for any business or marketing related topics.
  • Yellow color over Blue: If you decide to place blue color as the background, then try to use bold text or larger fonts with this color scheme. Text on a dark background is usually not readable. Yellow could be added in different areas of your interest.
  • White color over Dark Green: These are natural colors which subsumes our thoughts to something related to environment or forestry. This could be a fantastic combination to use on a website related to any outdoor activities. If dark green appears to be too dark for you, try using light green as a contrast in different areas.
  • White or Yellow color over Dark Gray: These colors are subtle, gives an ease to the eyes while reading any text on the site and appears decent and smart. Here white could be used as a background color and yellow could be used for the fonts or text. Dark gray could be used sparingly for different sections.
  • Dark Blue color over Light Blue: This is a monochromatic color with different shades of blues. This color scheme could be used for any oceanic, weather or water related subjects. The light blue could be used as a background and the dark could be used over it. This color would give a dashing effect if used with large and bold fonts.
  • Color selection indeed is a very challenging aspect of web designing as it creates an effective impact on the overall appearance.


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