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Computer Keeps Freezing

Computer Keeps Freezing

We have all experienced this at some point of time. We are in the middle of something important on our desktop computer and all of a sudden the computer stops to respond. Whatever you do, the computer is adamant. Sometimes it happens when we launch a certain program or software. Sometimes the ctrl+alt+del also refuses to impart any action. As a last option we restart the computer and sometimes we lose important data. Once in a while the processor gets loaded more than its capacity and the computer keeps freezing for a few seconds. But what if the computer keeps freezing every now and then? What if the computer freezes frequently? Let’s find out everything about it.

Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing?

If you think your computer keeps freezing up for no reason, you are wrong. It just seems like it is freezing for no reason, but there is bound to be some fault deep within. The faults can be varied and it’s not easy to point one out immediately. A virus attack is one of the prominent reasons behind a ‘frozen’ computer. Other reasons may be hardware compatibility issues, the programs running, in need a higher configuration or that you have installed too many programs and that have clogged the registry, the size of the paging file is not increasing due to some reason or there is not enough space on your hard disk. Higher memory requirements of startup programs is often why computer freezes on startup. These are the most probable problems but there may be some issues with the hardware too.

How to Deal with Computer Freezing?

Here are some simple things that will help you to find out the reason behind the computer freezing. Once you find the exact root of the trouble, getting rid of it will not be too difficult.

Virus Scan
Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers will tell you this. Run a virus scan on your PC. A type of virus known as Trojan Horse, does nothing except slowing down and sometimes freezing your computer. There are other malware, spyware, etc that can slow down your PC by occupying its virtual memory. But make sure your antivirus software is regularly updated and it should preferably be a licensed copy.

Configuration Check
Check the configuration requirements of all the software you use often. If they are below requirements upgrade your PC configuration. The RAM (Random Access Memory) plays an important role in determining the processing speed of your PC so check that first. Second, check if you have enough disk space as smooth functioning of the PC requires free disk space.

Performance Optimization
My PC has a good configuration and it is free of viruses, then why does this dumb computer keep freezing up? How you use your computer, also affects its functioning. If you have installed too many software, that will clog the windows registry of your computer. Even if you uninstall many software their registry entries may not always get wiped. For fixing this, just download some free computer maintenance and optimization software and run registry cleaner.

Check the Cooling Fan
If the cooling fan near the processor is malfunctioning that may lead to the computer freezing randomly. This is because the processor gets overheated. Checking if the fan is malfunctioning or not is very easy just listen to the sound that it makes. If the PC is fine the sound will be very low and if there is a problem it will make loud sounds after every few minutes. To fix that just open the CPU and clean up the fan. If it has stopped working completely, take it to an expert.

Even after doing all the above if your computer keeps freezing up take it to a computer engineer or a computer repair shop. Also, use only original software. Because they are automatically updated every few days to fix the bugs that may be present in them, thus making them more secure and your computer performance will improve. Use a licensed antivirus software and update it regularly.


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