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The Captains top green room requests

The Captains top green room requests

Going live on the airwaves is hard work. Cap’n Crunch needs his green room just right so he can be ready to entertain his thousands upon thousands of fans.But the Cap’n does not need much, only a few simple things.In order to ensure his mustache is in tip-top shape, he requests to have two mermaid mustache coiffeurs present. The milk he uses needs to be triple filtered, gourmet Le Moo milk from 100% crunchberry-fed cows. To help him get truly inspired before the show, the Cap’n needs to throw a few darts on his Jean LaFoote dart board (the Cap’n is getting very good in his aim). It is also important he has a closet full of diverse wardrobe choices.Cap’n Crunch really needs your help, though. Learn how to help him score a gig hosting a late night television talk show and see what else the Cap’n needs in his green room by checking out this infographic presented by


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